NEW Academy Shop

SigningTime.TV is now

Currently SigningTime.TV redirects to The app has been submitted and will update soon.
You will also want to update your customers and have them start using the on their computer and the MySigningTime App instead of SigningTime.TV or the platform purple player on their phones and tablets.

IMPORTANT – Update your Shop Link 

If you are still sharing your Platform Purple Digital Shop and logging into the Old Dashboard, it is time to update your link and start using the NEW Console (see instructions below!) NOTE: We will be de-activating the old shops soon.

Not sure if you’re updated? Check out the difference in this example:

1. Go to:
2. Log in using the same credentials as the old Platform Purple dashboard (Academy Email + password.)
3. Click on Environment Manager in the middle box.

4. Click on Marketing Links and select Shop
5. Copy/Paste URL from the right into your Profile for your Digital Shop Button (under Contact Information.)

Download MySigningTime User Guide