NEW: My Signing Time Classroom

Now students can enjoy Signing Time at school – AND at home!

My Signing Time Classroom gives teachers, schools, and homeschool groups affordable access to our educational library for kids. Includes hundreds of videos, ebooks, and songs. Great for multi-sensory learning. For kids from birth-age 8.

Get instant access to Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, and TreeSchoolers Science. (SignIt ASL is not included.)

What you get:

  • Access to for 40 families
    $3,999 value, PLUS 3 free items valued at $399:
  • FREE: Access to MySigningTime for 1 Teacher
  • FREE: Signing Time Preschool Curriculum
  • FREE: Signing Time K-3 Classroom Curriculum 

6-Month Package 

Regularly $1,999
Introductory Price: $499.99
Best for semester or summer programs
Activation starts immediately at purchase

12-Month Package

Regularly $3,999
Introductory Price: $699.99
Access for 40 for the price of 7!
Activation starts immediately at purchase

My Signing Time Classroom FAQs

How it works

  • Put the My Signing Time Classroom 6-Month or 12-Month package in your cart.
  • Create your Account Manager account at checkout (remember the email and password!).
  • Record the activation code number shown on the confirmation screen/email.
  • Distribute your code to your students (or teachers, or homeschool group).
  • Keep track of your distribution – your code will stop working after the 40th activation.

When does my 6- or 12-month activation period start?

Your activation period starts the day you complete your purchase.

Who can get it?

Anyone! You don’t have to be a classroom teacher to get this program. It’s ideal for homeschool parents, speech therapists, early intervention specialists, and playgroup leaders. You can also get this program for all the teachers at your school. Or you can purchase it, and give 40 of your lucky friends the gift of Signing Time.

Can I split the account?

Yes! If you choose the 12-month package and split the cost evenly between 41 families, you’ll get a year of access (normally $99.99/yr) for just $17.07 per family. The activation code has no cash value, and CANNOT BE RE-SOLD to people outside of your classroom/school/group.

Who keeps track of the activation code assignments?

As the purchaser/account manager, you are responsible for distributing your code. Your code can be activated only 40 times. It will become invalid at the 41st activation, so it’s super important that you ask your teachers/families NOT to share the assigned code with others. 

What if I have fewer than 40 students?

You can use your extra codes any way you’d like. Share them with:

  • new students who move in during the school year
  • special education support personnel who work with your students
  • classroom volunteers

I am a principal. Can I get this for my teachers? 

Yes. Instead of assigning your 40 activations to families within a single classroom, you can give your activations to the teachers in your school for in-class use. Or you could assign your 40 activations to each computer in your computer lab. Distribute your codes in the way that works best for your school. Here are some possibilities:

  • School-Wide Program Give a code to each of your classroom teachers (for in-class use) and, if there are any codes left, assign them to your computer lab (one per computer for in-lab use).
  • Special Education You can assign some codes to special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and para-professionals (for in-school use), and share the rest of the codes with students (for at-home use).
  • Child Care, After School Programs Assign your activations to the computers in your facility and to the families in your program for in-home use.
  • Itinerant Teachers Assign your activations to a your itinerant music teachers, special education teachers, or therapists for in-class use across your district.

Can I use a purchase order?

Yes! Email your school’s official Purchase Order, including an email address for the Account Manager, to:, or fax it to 801-676-4441. The email address is the Account Manager’s login. If you have questions email, or call 801-676-4440 Mon-Fri 9-5 MST.

Will it automatically renew?

My Signing Time Classroom will not renew like a regular subscription. That’s because a lot of schools use purchase orders to pay for the program. When your activation period is up, simply purchase again, and you’ll get a new activation code!

Can I get more than 40 activations?

Yes. Simply purchase the My Signing Time package of your choice (6-months or 12-months) separately until you have the total number of activations you need. For example, if you need 120 codes, purchase My Signing Time three times. Because you get a new activation code for each product, you’ll need to check out separately each time.

How it works for the Academy

  1. Sell to Teachers, Preschools, and Schools through your digital shop and receive 25% commission
    1. 6-month – $99.99 in commission
    2. 12-month – $174.99 in commission
  2. YOU purchase My Signing Time Classroom through your digital shop, give a code to your clients as part of tuition*. You receive 25% commission on the purchase as listed above. Each 6 month code cost YOU $7.50 per code but adds $59.94 value to your tuition. Each 12 month code costs YOU $13.13, but adds $99.99 value to your tuition. *The activation code has no cash value and cannot be resold to people outside of your group. 

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