Heidi ハイディー Emoto 江本 言葉&サイン Kotoba and Sign

Heidi ハイディー Emoto 江本


Adachi, Tokyo


Master Signing Time Instructor

One of my greatest joys is to help parents communicate with their little ones through signing.
We discovered Signing Time when my son, now 5 yrs. old, was an infant. It is amazing to watch his English and sign vocabulary grow! Now he teaches all he knows to his little sister, my 2 yr. old daughter. They are great examples of how signing can help to connect spoken languages in a multilingual (Japanese/English) environment.

As a Master Instructor I am able to teach all of the classes offered in the Signing Time Academy as well as lead workshops and presentations. Please contact me for more information.
☆ My classes are in a bilingual Japanese & English format but you don’t need to know both languages to attend!☆

If you live in Japan (or any other part of the world) but are too far from Tokyo to attend classes, let’s talk! I can still help you get started on the Signing Time or Baby Signing Time path.


Kotoba & Sign 言葉&サイン  http://www.kotobaandsign.info


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SigningWay
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KotobaAndSign
Blog: http://kotobaandsign.blogspot.jp

Licensed & Certified for the following:

  • Product Sales
  • Preschool & Early Education Classes
  • Mommy & Me Classes
  • Digital Download Products
  • Professional Trainings & Workshops
  • Youth & Adult Sign Classes
  • Presentations, Booths & Events
  • National Presenter
  • Home Party


  • Baby Signing Time Certification
  • Advanced Certification
  • Master Certification
  • Completed Basic Training
  • Completed Advanced Training
  • Completed Master Training
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