Megan Gardner ASL Ready

Megan Gardner


Taylorsville, UT
United States


Signing Time Instructor

I love American Sign Language!  Through my college education and my experience teaching 2nd and 3rd grade Deaf students, I have really found the value in language development.  Language is key!  I have seen first hand how crucial language development though ASL is to deaf children.  It empowers them!  It gives them the ability to communicate, learn, and make sense of the world around them.

After having my own, hearing child, I realized that ASL also empowers hearing kids.  Signing with my daughter has been a rewarding and bonding experience for my family.  Through signs, my daughter can tell me when she is hungry or tired or just wants to play.  When I introduced Signing Time to my daughter her signing vocabulary increased rapidly.  She loves to sign and dance with the videos!

I am excited to share my love of ASL with you and your family!  It is never too late, nor too early to start signing with your kids.  Contact me to find classes in your area!

My background:

  • Master of Education in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education (USU)
  • Arizona Teaching License
  • 5 years experience teaching 2nd and 3rd grades at Phoenix Day School of the Deaf

Licensed & Certified for the following:

  • Product Sales
  • Preschool & Early Education Classes
  • Mommy & Me Classes
  • Digital Download Products
  • Professional Trainings & Workshops
  • Youth & Adult Sign Classes
  • Presentations, Booths & Events


  • Baby Signing Time Certification
  • Signing Time Certification
  • Completed Basic Training
  • Completed Advanced Training
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