Baby Signing Time “Sign & Read” collection now available

Two Little Hands Productions, creators of the award-winning Signing Time series, released a new collection of Baby Signing Time products. The “Sign & Read” Collection, which includes a new parent guide, a set of new board books, updated DVDs, and flash cards, places an emphasis on early learning through parent-child interaction.

“Parents are their child’s first teachers, so we made sure this Baby Signing Time collection included a parent guide to early learning,” says Emilie Brown, co-creator of Signing Time and Baby Signing Time. “Every parent-child interaction can strengthen the relationship and feed a child’s growing mind. Reading together is an especially powerful way to connect and learn. That’s why we insisted on board books being included in the new collection. We’ve added new footage to the DVDs to highlight printed words.” Brown adds, “Our goal isn’t to get babies to read, but to experience how language works: a word can be spoken, signed, or printed, and they all share the same underlying meaning. This idea may seem simple to adults, but for young children, it’s a profound discovery.”

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The launch of the new collection is being supported by a national media campaign, which includes a 30-minute infomercial and radio ads. In addition, Signing Time Academy Instructors across North American and in many countries throughout the world have begun offering “Sign & Read” play classes to help parents nurture their child’s language, cognitive and social-emotional development through three key areas of communication: talking, reading and signing. Meet your local Signing Time Academy Instructor and sign up for a class today!

“We already know that signing allows hearing babies to communicate before they learn to talk – which goes a long way toward reducing frustration,” says Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director. “Babies who can sign feel understood and secure – and happy babies are able to focus on learning. Our goal is to show parents how simple interactions like reading, signing or talking can add fun to their day, boost their child’s self-esteem, and nurture their child’s love of learning as well.”




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