Sign language a “miracle in our lives”

Autism Awareness Month Feature:
How Signing Changed Matthew’s Life


“Our son has never been able to speak and it has been a source of complete frustration for him and for our entire family. In January we started using the Signing Time videos and he has been a completely new person.

Despite his hearing being fine, this Fall we had him enrolled in a school for deaf and hard of hearing children. His signing has increased even more and we are impressed every day by the wonderful things that he is learning and able to communicate with us. This morning I video taped him showing the alphabet in sign language.

Before sign language we had no way of knowing what he understood, it has been a miracle in our lives to have Signing Time as a way for our whole family to learn ASL with Matthew.

– Eric Buffington  (with MaryBeth Buffington)

Watch Matthew sign

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