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I ran across this very cute interactive website that not only talks about the benefits of using sign language with young children, but actually provides an interactive sign language dictionary. According to the website, the Babystrology Baby Sign Language Video Dictionary is a fun and free way to learn some basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs that can help you teach your baby. It is also fun to use as a practice tool.

Many people have sent us questions regarding the benefits of teaching their babies sign language.

When I first started working at Two Little Hands Productions, I remember being amazed when I heard the story of baby Alex who signed ‘milk’ when he was ready to nurse. I remember being very impressed when my best friend’s little girl signed ‘more’ and her mom was able to give her more to drink. I never really thought about how knowing a little sign language could go a long way.

After watching some of my colleagues and friends sign with their babies, I realized that this exchange was more than just babies letting their parents know when they were hungry, or wanted more, both parties were actually communicating.

Several parents and families have had very similar experiences, and with that comes some questions about the benefits of signing with babies. Some of these questions include:

  • How early can I start to sign with my child?
  • My child is already talking. Why should they learn ASL?
  • Will learning signs delay my child’s speech?
  • Do I have to become fluent in ASL?
  • What is the importance of using ASL and not made up signs?
  • My child does not do the signs correctly. Is that okay?
  • How soon will my child start to sign?
  • My child can hear. Why should they learn ASL?
  • I have heard that signing helps with tantrums and “The Terrible Two’s”, is this true?
  • What research exists about the benefits of using sign language with hearing children?

If you refer to our website, under the article Benefits of Signing With Children, you will find information that will answer these questions.

It has been truly amazing to associate with parents, families, children and infants who are teaching me how  sign language is truly an effective way communicate.

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