Reasons to Continue Signing

From Annette M…..Cedar Park, Texas (Sofia age 2)
I am constantly reminded by how blessed our family has been to find Ms. Amy and The Signing Connection, and being introduced to Signing Time, just over two years ago. We originally started classes to learn baby sign language to communicate with our infant. While we have completed the course multiple times throughout our 2+ years we continue coming back for refreshers, and signing has simply become part of our daily life. My toddler has a fairly extensive spoken vocabulary, but when she cannot express the right words she often can sign it, so my daughter has options for communicating with us. My little girl has been signing the basic baby signs – milk, more, etc, since she was about 7 months old, but when parents ask me why I do it and continue, I always give them the example of the first time I discovered my then 10 month old could identify the color blue. I had no idea she even knew her colors, until that monumental moment the first time she signed the color blue, then all the other colors, and many more signs followed. Ms. Amy always says they’re learning, even if you don’t think they’re paying attention, and my daughter is a perfect example of that. She often speaks AND signs simultaneously, and she continues to learn and use new signs I had no idea she knew. ASL is even part of our bedtime routine, for we sign and read our bedtime story together, followed by singing and signing some of her favorite songs. I also believe it has given us something else to bond over because we continue to learn ASL TOGETHER, and I will continue to encourage her learning ASL as an additional language for life.

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If you can’t find an Instructor near you, some of our Instructors are doing classes and consults via Skype and Google Hangout. Visit our Academy Facebook Page if you need an online Instructor and we can get you in contact with one.

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