Why I Became an Instructor

Marette's Signing BearI became a Signing Time instructor in August because of my experiences as a nanny.  I take care of a 16-month old. I began working with her 15 hours a week in September. At that time she would only say “cat,” and point to items she wanted. I started putting on Baby Signing Time DVDs on in her playroom. Occasionally she would look up and watch, but I didn’t think she was paying attention. I was wrong!

When she was in her highchair one day, I brought out some crackers. She looked over and not only said “cracker ,” she signed it as well!  She is now signing and saying at least 30 words. Her parents are thrilled, and they  love seeing her sign “dad” and “mom.” Another child is on the way, and mom says she wants all her children to learn to sign.

I plan to start teaching at a library, YMCA, and recreation center in January. I created a signing bear to teach the kids. I am looking forward to helping the children I will be teaching learn to sign!

Marette Campbell


Marette Campbell,
Baby Signing Time Instructor


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