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Signing Time Bible Fun

Use American Sign Language to teach children of all ages about friendship, manners, obedience, cleanliness, and learning God’s Word. The Bible Fun Digital Collection includes videos, songs, teacher guide and lots of printables to make Bible lessons fun and easy.
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Learn Christian Signs

Lean signs to use in church! Watch this video with Rachel Coleman and learn Christian signs from American Sign Language. Note: There are regional differences in sign language, so you may find that some words are signed differently in your community.


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Preview: The B-I-B-L-E Song Video

Preview The full video is included in the digital Bible Fun package. It starts with Rachel teaching the signs you’ll need to know for the song.


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The Bible Fun Digital Collection includes:

  • Bible Fun Teacher Guide – PDF with lessons and printables
  • The B-I-B-L-E Song – Video • The B-I-B-L-E Song – MP3 Song File
  • Christian Signs – Instructional Video
  • Signing Time Vol. 2: Playtime Signs Video (English & Spanish)
  • Signing Time Vol. 1-3 MP3 Music Album

Sample Pages

Get started now with these free downloads from the Bible Fun Teacher Guide, Lesson 3: I Can Learn God’s Word:

  • SIGNS about family and reading the Bible
  • SONGS about family and reading the Bible
  • BIBLE STORIES: Creation, Savior’s Birth, Noah’s Ark

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The Bible Fun Digital Collection

ASL Signs

Christian Signs – taught from the Christian Signs Instructional Video

Amen • Bible • Christ • Jesus Christ • Church • Commandments • Cross • Faith • Glory • God • Hallelujah • Heaven • Holy • Holy Spirit • Jesus • Lord • Messiah • Holy • Holy Spirit • Mary • Jesus • Preacher • Pastor • Praise • Pray • Savior • Worship

Other ASL Signs – taught from Signing Time Vol. 2 Playtime Signs

Friend – Play – Train – Doll – Bike – Bear – Your Turn – My Turn – Please – Share – Thank You – Book – Read – Socks – Yes – No – Thirsty – Drink – Dirty – Clean – Potty – Wash Hands – Bath – Hurt – Sorry – Stop – Go – Wait – Grandpa – Grandma

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Lesson Topics

  • I Can Be a Good Friend
  • I Can Use Good Manners
  • I Can Learn God’s Word
  • I Can Be Obedient
  • I Can Keep Myself Clean

Review: Great for Children’s Church! 

I used this product with the Children’s Church class I teach.  The children loved watching the DVD and had so much fun learning the signs.  I was able to take the ideas given in the book and teach a fun-filled forty-five minute lesson each week.  I was able to teach them the Bible words shown on the website and they also learned the signs from the DVD that they could use in their day to day activities. The children are already asking for more lessons using sign language! – Kelly G.

About Bible Fun

Bible Fun is written from a non-denominational, evangelical perspective. The Bible versions referenced were taken from the New International Version and King James Version; however, no direct quotes were used, but summarized with reference to the passage. This was done so any Bible version that the reader uses will be applicable.

We used our Playtime Signs video, using words that are used daily, and applied these common signs to lessons that can be taught with a Christian approach. Learn the biblical words in the Instructional Christian video, and then insert them to the lessons, teaching children how to be a Good Friend, using Good Manners, studying God’s Word, being Obedient, and Cleanliness. These lessons provide a fun way for children to learn how to apply God’s Word to their everyday life.