Sunny Day – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 (writing about May 13) It is morning and the power is not on but the sun is up! Back to the meeting… Some of the people at the meeting were surprised that the teachers are being paid by Signs of Hope (SOHI) to learn sign language. They said a teacher should want to continue their education especially if it directly benefits their students. They said, “Usually teachers PAY to attend a class to further THEIR education!” They were still grateful that SOHI has put their programs in place. Wow what a relief! They know the issues! …

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Announcing the Winners of the Signing Time Contest

As many of you remember, we held a contest over the past couple months where we collected the names of everyone who purchased Baby Signing Time and entered them into a drawing to win a variety of Signing Time prizes! Here are our WINNERS! Congratulations to all the Signing Time drawing winners! The Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer S. from Wisconsin Jennifer and her family received the Signing Time Full Collection that includes: 25 DVDs, 3 Board Books, 4 Flash Card Sets, and 8 Music CDs. (Valued at $499.99). First Place Winner: Marcia E. from San Diego, California Marcia received the …

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Opposites – Ghana 05/2008

Tuesday May 13, 2008 Remember how last January I wanted to buy fabric and they only sell me 6 yards for the equivalent of $45? Well when Deb, Marco and I went to town, I had my eye out for that same fabric. I didn’t find it but we paid $2.50 per yard for the fabric we did like. That is $15 for 6 yards! I knew it! 😉 Today we woke up early, packed our bags and got in the tro-tro around 7AM.

Is it Okay to Let My Baby Watch TV? Comments on article

The article, “Is it Okay to Let My Baby Watch TV”, found on, gives some interesting insights on the disadvantages and also the benefits of educational television programs for babies. Madeleine, the managing editor at Brillbaby, reports on the latest statistics and research about how no TV watching is better than unsupervised television watching, and adds that the American Academy of Pediatrics has advised that the under-two’s should not be allowed to watch any TV. BUT this is the comment I found most interesting: “Many parents and teachers find, however, that high-quality educational TV programs complement interactions with their …

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Strollin’ – Ghana 05/2008

Monday May 12, 2008 If yesterday was the longest day ever, today was the shortest day ever. I woke up, showered, had a protein shake, then Deb and I met up with marco to walk to town. It was already 3:00PM. Curry, Erin and Michelle went to Accra this morning to meet with folks at the Department of Special Ed., talk through the agenda and to make sure everyone expected was going to show up. Brian and Amy went to the internet cafe. The internet cafe is now just up the road at the YMCA! It costs 40 cents for …

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Outside Outside – Ghana 05/2008

Sunday May 11th 2008 – Evening Today has been the longest day ever! It is hot and humid! Actually it is SO hot and SO humid! The tro-tro picked us up at the airport. It was interesting to take the drive to Mampong again. It wasn’t so foreign this time. When we arrived, Marco was waiting. He helped us unload our bags. He had already set up the bunk beds for us. Everyone settled in and took naps. It is really hot… did I already say that? We are sweaty and yucky! After the nap we went up to see …

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Signing Time will change your life

One year ago I joined Signing Time as the Director of Technology and Web Marketing. I have enjoyed every minute of being involved with Signing Time so closely. In truth I feel a little lucky and amazed that the opportunity to come work for Signing Time came at the right time and the right place for me. I have four daughters (lucky I guess ;-)) and our third daughter Madie has a genetic disorder. A few years ago we were introduced to Signing Time through some of Madie’s therapists. Madie immediately hooked onto Signing Time and absorbed it like a …

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New places to view Signing Time Video Clips

[youtube] I am excited to tell you that we have added Signing Time video clips to two video-hosting websites!! It is fun to see the growth of Two Little Hands Productions where we can share clips from several volumes of Signing Time as well as some of the behind the scenes clips. I enjoy seeing the broad spectrum of people that have become fans, and enjoy reading the testimonials that are submitted and finding out how people first heard about Signing Time. Sign Language Tube is a pretty new site that is still in the beginning stages. It hosts …

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“Is Baby Sign Language an Essential or a Ripoff?”: Comments on article

I recently came across this article entitled “Is Baby Sign Language an Essential or a Ripoff?” by Pamela Paul, posted on a website called Babble: the magazine and community for a new generation of parents. It is one parent’s experience with teaching her baby to sign, along with plenty of commentary thoughts on the subject. As a parent who signs with their child, I have some thoughts about this. I also have the added advantage of having worked for Two Little Hands Productions for several years and seeing for myself the many testimonials and feedback that come in from our …

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Baby Sign Language

A couple months ago, Signing Time sent out an article about how sign language is for all children. It seems that more people are picking up on the benefits of learning how to sign with children, and have even started teaching pre-verbal infants as young as 9 months to sign. There has been a lot of talk about how young you should start signing with your child. I conducted some research and found a couple articles talking about the benefits of learning sign language at a young age. Some articles are what we have written, but some demonstrate other families …

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