Baby Signing time

Baby Sign Language Can Increase Vocabulary

The benefits to baby sign language are innumerable—among them is the ability to build a larger vocabulary for your child early on in his or her life. Your child’s early development can speed up their comprehension and lead them to

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Why Sign With Your Baby?

Why would I want to sign with my baby? Here are just some of the benefits: With just a few basic signs, you can know if Baby is “hungry”, “thirsty”, wants “milk” or “water”, needs to “sleep”, wants “more”, and

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How Do I Start Signing With My Little One?

Originally Posted by Bethany Sloan,  Little Sign of Mine July 21, 2015 at 1:17 PM Baby Signing Time Instructor Bethany Sloan from Orange, California answers key questions to help you start your signing journey. To help get you started, I’ll

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