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Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Elementary Children

Ready to get creative this holiday season? Here at Two Little Hands, we love to be creative! The new Rachel & Me show features kids making crafts, singing and signing – and can be found on Crafting with children can be fun, creative, messy, and stressful. Preparing your workspace ahead of time can help make it a positive experience for you and your child. Here are 5 tips to help you get ready to craft with your children. Using a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store is a life-saver when it comes time to clean up. You may want two; …

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Create a Hand-y Craft: Summer Scrapbook

Make a summer scrapbook with your child this summer! Download page templates and directions now   Want more pages? Download these Signing Time sign checklists & more on our Resource Page   Summer Time = Learning Time Did you know you can get every video from Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, TreeSchoolers Science, and more with our digital subscription? Visit for details. Make this summer a learning time for your family and have a blast doing it! Ready to try it out? You will get the first 14-days for FREE! ($9.99 per month after the trial). “Access to so …

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Mother’s Day Hand-y Craft: Colored Flowers and Vase

In Scientific Reasoning, Rachel and her TreeSchooler friends learn the steps of the Scientific Reasoning Cycle: Reflect and Ask Plan and Predict Act and Observe Report and Reflect Together they create science fair experiments that explore the properties of air, water, and light – and learn the importance of never giving up. Teaches more than 60 ASL signs!   

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Hand-y Crafts

Create and Celebrate! November is the time to celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are grateful for. Enjoy creating a turkey to decorate for your Thanksgiving festivities. Download Mayflower directions Download Turkey directions Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts Teaching Children Gratitude Helping Children Show Gratitude Teaching Children About Charity

Halloween Poster Hand-y Craft

Use your imagination to create a Halloween poster to display! Download Halloween poster directions Additional Halloween Crafts! Download Pumpkin Carving Patterns Download Bat & Ghost Lollipop Holder directions Download Witch Hats directions Download dozens more Signing Time Hand-y Crafts for all occasions – FREE!  

Spring Hand-y Craft: Finger Paint Flowers

Materials White construction paper Finger paint – various colors Directions Step 1:  Paint your fingers green. Make grass by pressing your fingers across the bottom of the paper. You may need to repaint your fingers several times to complete this step. Step 2:  Use your finger to paint stems and leaves with green paint. Step 3:  Paint your thumbs and press them to the paper to make flower petals. Step 4:  Paint your whole hand to make a tulip. Step 5:  Wash up! Download Activity PDF See more Hand-y Crafts by LeeAnn 

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