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Wyatt’s crazy progress thanks to ASL signs

Originally posted on fromNICUtoLife by Nicole Ott Signing Time Academy Instructor Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed anyone that Wyatt could be where he’s at now simply by introducing him to some basic ASL signs. Here was a kid who was completely non-verbal and had meltdowns every single day, multiple times a day. He was the kid who had a meltdown simply for being in the same room as a therapist. No medical professional knew how to help us. There was no silver lining. We had essentially given up hope that his behavior would ever change. Communication and behavior progress …

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A Window into His Mind

by Megan McWilliams, Master Signing Time Instructor While on a walk, my 16 month son took interest in an electrical box surrounded by a decorative fence. We were only one house from home, so I was anxious to keep moving. He pointed to and babbled about the box for a while. Since I was unable to convince him to continue walking, I  signed and told him “ELECTRICITY BOX DON’T TOUCH” knowing he had never seen the signs for electricity or box before. He replied by signing back “BED.” The window into his mind was opened up to me through that one …

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Testimonial Tuesday – I have been inspired by you in so many ways.

Dear Rachel, I have been inspired by you in so many ways.  I have sung your praises to at least a hundred people so it is time I shared my story with you.  We began our Signing Time exposure about two years ago.  My daughter, Darby is now five and her brother Jameson is two years old.  Not only do I love the videos for the amazing music and signs, but because of the wonderful lessons like setting the table and colors of the rainbow.  My daughter has not yet started kindergarten but is already a great reader and I …

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Look at these smiles!

We received this post on our Facebook page the other day. Too cute not to share! My 17 month old daughter just woke up in the middle of the night and kept saying “iPod Signing Time” over and over! We recently bought the digital copies of Baby Signing Time when they were on sale and my daughter has been beyond thrilled to watch her favorite show on “her” own device. This is a pic of both of my kids enjoying their mobile Baby Signing Time.  – Faith W.      

An Unexpected Journey

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C.   Life has a way of coming at you fast, doesn’t it? One minute you’re planning a future in a certain way, and in the next you find a completely different path before you. And sometimes there are no U-turns or do-overs. You just have to keep moving forward, finding the sunshine on a new journey.   Such was the case for Mary Ann Christo and her husband, Eric Waksmunski. Pregnant with twins, the couple looked forward to expanding their family – times two.  But when Shane and Wyatt were born early in critical condition, …

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Arianna’s Signing Story

Dear Signing Time Team, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and share the success we have had from using your DVD series. Growing up I was always fascinated by sign language and bought my first ASL dictionary when I was seven years old.  I demanded my mom help me learn this “secret hand language.”  I had never met a deaf person before and wouldn’t meet one or see sign language in action until college.  We learned a few signs that stuck, but I lost a lot of what I learned from lack of practice. When I moved …

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Spelling and Signing: How ASL helped our kids with homework

Spelling Words at our House Our first experience with using the manual alphabet with spelling was when our oldest daughter was in second grade. Her teacher was fluent in ASL and he would use signs in the classroom to enrich his teaching. Each week he would have the students practice their spelling words by using the manual alphabet to decode each one (try it now). Then they would finger spell each word. This was one of our daughter’s favorite homework assignments! When we discovered that our second daughter had a speech problem, we included the use of ASL in her …

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Our Signing Time Story by Alyson Darvas

  My name is Alyson Darvas and I live in Colchester, CT a transplant from my hometown of Queens, NY. My son Jordan was born in December of 2009 after a 6 ½ year struggle to conceive. I had waited so long for this child, I was determined to bond and communicate with him early on. While researching methods of communication, I came across the Signing Time program. I had heard of the theory of signing with infants but had never seen it used in practice. I was skeptical but willing to try. What unfolded was nothing short of incredible! …

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Mommy MD recommends Signing Time!

Signing Time: The Best Signs for Toddlers  See full article at “When my kids were babies, I started to teach them sign language,” says Jennifer Hanes, DO, a mom of a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son, an emergency physician, a certified forensic physician, and the founder of Empowered Medicine, PLLC, in Austin, TX. “Most people stop using sign language when their kids begin to talk. I found that continuing to sign has tremendous benefits for toddlers—and beyond. For example, when my kids were toddlers and we were at a park, if one of them was misbehaving, I could …

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Ryan will do what Ryan will do!

Making a Difference: Stories from Signing Time Families We’d like to share this testimonial that Susan L. posted at recently. Warning: Get your tissue out. This is one seriously inspiring story. When we adopted Ryan from Russia he was almost 2 years old and was unable to speak. Right away we got him involved in all kinds of program for developmentally delayed children. After a year of receiving speech, occupational therapy, and being in a developmental preschool, he had made some progress, but still wasn’t able to form any words. I made the decision to quit my job to …

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