Is Baby Signing Time on Netflix?


Baby Signing Time is No Longer on Netflix

Unfortunately, Baby Sign Language is no longer available through Netflix. When Baby Sign Language was on Netflix, they were only able to carry a small number of our videos—just Signing Time Series 2. But don’t worry, you can still access all of those videos, plus more!

Where You Can Watch It Now

All of the videos that were available on Netflix plus more is available our site. At you can stream ALL of our videos! You can also download videos to your phones and tablets, allowing you to take My Signing Time with you wherever you go! This accessibility gives you the chance to entertain and educate your little ones while you are out and about. Take My Signing Time with you to learn on the go and get the most of these educational videos.

Subscribe to My Signing Time’s monthly subscription to get access to all things Your subscription will include 58 videos from Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Potty Time, and Rachel & The TreeSchoolers. This monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. Learn more about what this subscription includes and how to subscribe here.

Is Baby Signing Time on Netflix?

More Videos and More Media

You can now download media to watch anytime and anywhere! Not only are there videos and music to download and enjoy, but we also offer eBooks, parent/teacher guides, and you can even get automatic downloads of new releases when you subscribe to My Signing Time.

If you were introduced to Signing Time on Netflix, you’ll appreciate that the entire library of My Signing Time. Access our entire Library FREE for 14days here!  We offer a many different quality educational programs for kids of all ages, including:

Want to own your own DVD copies of these programs? You’re in luck! Purchase these DVDs here.

What Baby Signing Time Can Do for You

This high quality and educational programming can be very beneficial to you and your little ones. When you download these programs to enjoy on the go, your child can be learning anytime and anywhere—riding in the car, waiting at the doctor’s office, or just at home! In a world that is so full of media consumption, make sure that the media your family is taking is positive—like My Signing Time.

Spending your media time learning sign language will help you and your little one to communicate while you learn a new skill together! These books, guides, music, and eBooks will help your child to communicate before they can even speak. It will also come in handy when learning to potty train, as it makes the process fun and easy. And after hours of educational entertainment, you and your child will have learned thousands of signs!

Three things to know about our videos on Netflix. Subscription, better then Netflix

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