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Fast in Sign Language

Learn how to sign fast in ASL (American Sign Language)! How many things do you do fast?

  1. With both hands, extend your pointer finger and tuck the rest of your fingers into your palm. Hold hands several inches out from the body, pinky side parallel to the floor.
  2. Pull hands quickly back towards your body and at the same time crook your pointer finger in.
  3. This sign move FAST! Just like the word. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign fast in ASL 

  • Enhance fun games for children with a little sign language! Classics such as Red Light/Green Light and Simon Says can include directions to move fast (and slow!), and can be supported with the corresponding sign.
  • Change up daily routines by seeing how fast you can complete them just for fun. Ask your child to “get dressed fast” or “clean up fast” and make a game of it, with use of the sign as practice while you go-go-go!

Fast! Make your pointers pull back fast! Fast.

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