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Finished in Sign Language

Learn how to sign finished in ASL (American Sign Language) so you can talk about how you are all done!

  1. Bring both hands up about chest height, palms flat and facing you, fingers outstretched.
  2. Flick your wrists so that your hands turn and palms end up facing out.
  3. You can push your hands slightly away from you as you rotate them.
  4. You can also say “all done” instead of “finished” when using this sign.
  5. This sign looks like you are pushing away something you are all done with! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign finished in ASL

  • Teaching sign language to babies and beyond can really help with frustration levels and decrease behaviors. Teach your child to sign finished when they are done with food, rather than perhaps tossing a cup or the bowl of cereal to the floor. Model the sign each time you help them be finished with a meal and they’ll start to tell you on their own soon enough!
  • You can also use this sign to help ease transition time between activities to ease frustration. Time to leave the park? Sign finished! Time to get out of the bath? Sign finished! And so on!

Hold your hands up and twist them, like you’re brushing everything away. All done or finished. Let’s see you sign it!

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