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Goat in Sign Language

Learn how to sign goat in ASL (American Sign Language) – where can you go to see this funny farm animal?

  1. Start with one hand at the chin, palm in, fingers in a loose fist. This is the goat’s chin hair.
  2. Bring that same hand up to your forehead, extend the pointer and middle finger keeping them slightly crooked, and tuck the rest of the fingers in, thumb resting on top of the ring finger and pinky. Tap the knuckle of your thumb on your forehead.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign goat in ASL

  • Create fun learning activities for kids with farm animals. Collect a play farm or pictures of farm animals and learn the sign for each animal. Play a little game where you sign the animal (but don’t say the name out loud!) and the child reaches out and picks up the animal you signed for. Try it with goat!

How does a goat sound? How does a goat move in different ways? Check out a goat in some online videos or real ones on a local farm and see if you can mimic them. Sign goat as you go!

Goat. Show the goat’s chin hair and its horns. Goat!

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