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House in Sign Language

Learn how to sign house in ASL – a house is a home when family is there!

1. Start with your fingers all pressed together, palms flat. Touch the sides of thumbs and pointer fingers together to make an upside-down V-shape.
2. Draw the hands out so they are now a couple of inches a part. This is the roof of the house.
3. Next draw the hands straight down so the palms are facing one another and spaced a few inches apart. These are the walls.
4. This sign looks like you are outlining the roof and walls of a house – use this visual to help you remember the sign!

Teaching Tips:

  • Play in early childhood education is key to developmental learning. Provide materials for children to play house with. Kitchen supplies, costumes, little beds and dolls, etc. all provide great starting points. Encourage your child to talk about what they are doing in the playhouse as they go, and practice the sign for house!
  • Choose a favorite toy or stuffed animal and create a house for them to live in! What kinds of things will your child’s pal need to be comfortable in a house? Have your child help brainstorm and collect the materials, and then let him get as creative as he wants.

House. You show the roof and two walls.

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