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Ice Cream in Sign Language

Learn how to sign ice cream so you can use your signs to ask for and enjoy this delicious treat.

1. Bring one hand up towards your mouth in a fist shape – like you’re holding an ice cream cone.
2. Move the hand in front of your mouth a couple of times.
3. This sign looks just like you are eating an ice cream cone! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Create math activities for preschoolers using graphs… and ice cream! Survey your family and friends or your preschool class for their favorite ice cream flavors, then assist your child(ren) with creating a graph to show the results. What do they notice? Encourage use of the sign during the project!
  • Identify a few tasks or target behaviors you want your child to focus on and make a sticker chart to track progress. When the chart is full, go out and celebrate with some ice cream! Practice the sign both during the time while filling the chart (build anticipation) and when the prize is won!

Ice cream. It’s like you’re eating an ice cream cone. Ice cream.

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. Print in color or black-and-white and adjust the print size according to your needs.)

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