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Page in Sign Language

Learn how to sign page – there are so many things to discover on the page of a good book!

1. Hold one hand up at about chest height, and palm facing up, fingers pointing away from your body.
2. With your other hand, extend your thumb and tuck the rest of your fingers into your palm.
3. Brush the thumb of the second hand on the palm of the first a few times.
4. This sign looks like you are turning the page of a book with your thumb. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • While reading aloud, ask your child to turn the page each time. Start by voicing and signing together, and then drop the spoken word and just cue with the sign.
  • Create a kindergarten reading game by making a collaborative book. Children can contribute one page about their day in Kindergarten. Then bind the book and read it together. Encourage the author of each page to say, “My page tells all about how we ________ in Kindergarten!” For a variation of this activity, you can do it as a family activity and do a book about things you do as a family at home, on vacation, etc.

Page. It’s like you’re holding a book and turning the page with your thumb. Sign it with me. Page!

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