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Popcorn in Sign Language

Learn how to sign popcorn in ASL (American Sign Language), a favorite snack!

  1. With both hands: hold them in front of you, fingers curled in, palms towards your body.
  2. Alternate “popping” your pointer fingers up and brining them back down.
  3. This sign looks like popcorn popping up so you can eat it. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign popcorn in ASL

  • Popcorn is fun to eat, but it also makes a great (temporary) craft item. Make art games for kids using popcorn! Glue the kernels to paper to make a craft, or string together popped corn with cranberries for a holiday decoration. Sign popcorn as you create!
  • There is so much more you can put on popcorn than just butter and salt. Experiment with herbs, and even drizzled chocolate, or mixing it in trail mix. Have fun with your child creating new popcorn snacks and signing as you go.

Popcorn! Your fingers alternate popping open like popcorn. Popcorn!

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