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Win in Sign Language

Learn how to sign win. It’s fun to win!

1. Hold one hand up in a fist, tilted so the thumb is on the top.
2. Take the other hand and swipe it over the first.
3. This sign looks like the second hand is grabbing the win from the first hand. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Play in early childhood education provides the building blocks for learning to get along. Play games and work to teach that sometimes you win, and that’s fun. But sometimes you don’t, and that’s okay too. Encourage children to celebrate a win with the sign, but also congratulate someone else on their win with a sign too.
  • Play racing games with wind-up toys. Wind them up and let them go – who will win by getting to a finish line first? Celebrate with the sign.

Win. One hands grabs the win from the other hand. Win. Let’s do it one more time. Win.

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