Celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time

Celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time

At My Signing Time, we’re all about learning and fun! So with Halloween approaching, it’s a great time to check out our Halloween resources. We have several Halloween shows that you can use to teach your kids both at home or in a school setting. And we have lots of fun Halloween crafts that you can use. Even if you don’t have a subscription, we have Halloween resources for you. Check out what we have, and see how you can celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time! 

Signing Time Halloween Signs

Let’s start with learning some Halloween signs. What a great way to help our non-verbal or not-yet-verbal kids to express themselves during the Halloween season! This short, free video has simple, fun instructions for you and your kids to learn some signs for the season. It includes the signs for Halloween (of course), pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern, ghost, black cat, witch, candy (the most important one, right?), and Happy Halloween. Play this one on repeat or watch it once a day, and you’ll have a collection of Halloween signs to use with your kids over the next couple of weeks!

Face Painting Fun

Do your kids love to create their own costumes? We have two shows with face painting ideas!

Adventures of John and Ally

Join our adorable pocket pets, John and Ally, as they paint faces for Halloween. Kids love to learn new songs, and there’s a fun Face Paint Song to learn. And you and your kids will get some great ideas as you watch John and Ally paint jungle faces. See how to paint a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, an elephant, and monkey.

Bumble Bree

Bumble Bree sings a fun song about the tickling and fun of face painting. Plus, your kids will love guessing what face paint design will be next! Bumble Bree shows us designs for a black cat, a genie, a princess mask, a cupcake, and a Jack-O-Lantern. 

Use your My Signing Time subscription or your free 14-day trial to enjoy these face painting shows with your kids!

Baby Joy Joy

We have 3 Baby Joy Joy Halloween shows, and one of them is free to watch!

Baby Shark Halloween

Sing and dance with Baby Joy Joy in this Halloween version of the Baby Shark song. So silly and fun for your little ones! And you can watch this one for free!

The Halloween Song

Another fun song for your kids to wiggle and dance along with! Watch as Baby Joy Joy tries out different costumes as she decides what to be for Halloween. 

Skeleton Ball

Lastly, here, you can join Baby Joy Joy and her friends as they dance at their Skeleton Ball!

Signing Time My Favorite Season

Celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time

And finally, we’re back around to our Classic Signing Time Collection. This is a longer show where Rachel takes us through the seasons. So when we get to fall, of course we talk about Halloween. Check out My Favorite Season in your My Signing Time subscription or with a free trial!

Free Craft Ideas for You

If you head to the Resources section of the Signing Time website, you’ll find tons of ideas, including Halloween craft ideas! Here on the Handy Crafts page, we have ideas for all kinds of holiday crafts. Scroll down to the Halloween section, and you’ll find instructions for Halloween crafts AND some fun Signing Time Jack-O-Lantern patterns. 

We hope you can find some fun resources to use during this Halloween season and that your family can have some fun as you celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time! 

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