My Signing Time subscription sale

Enjoy My Signing Time with a Subscription Sale!

We’re having a limited access My Signing Time subscription sale! Have you ever wished you could access quality programming for your kids while on vacation without stressing over access to wi-fi? Sure, there are plenty of so-so shows available most of the time. But most of us would like our kids’ screen time to be both fun and worthwhile. We’d like them to walk away from a show with their brains tuned in instead of tuned out. You know what I mean, that zombie-like state our kids go into after watching something. Wouldn’t it be better if they were mentally stimulated by what they watched?

My Signing Time provides educational and fun programming that wakes kids up and gets them thinking. And did you know that in the My Signing Time app (on Google Play or the App Store), you can download content for viewing on your devices without a wi-fi connection? Before you head out on vacation this summer, take advantage of our My Signing Time subscription sale, download our app, and get some fun, educational programming downloaded for your kids.

Again, we’re having a limited access My Signing Time subscription sale! If you’ve been waiting for a deal, or if you’ve been subscribing monthly, now is the time to jump in. And if you already have an annual subscription, you can take advantage of this deal too! Annual subscribers, monthly subscribers, or new subscribers – anyone can get an annual subscription for 10% off. But you have to act fast. Our discount code is valid for only the first 500 users.

So head to our subscription page, sign up or log in, and enter the discount code SUMMER21.

Here’s how:

If you’re a new subscriber, just enter the code in the payment section at checkout.

For those of you who already have an annual subscription, you can redeem the discount code from your user setting page (Manage Subscriptions, Billing tab).

And if you’re currently a monthly subscriber, you can switch to an annual subscription and redeem the code from your user setting page.

  1. Login to your My Signing Time account.
  2. Open My Account, click on the Purchases tab
  3. Click on the link in blue: Switch to yearly billing

4. Click – Okay, let’s do it! You will get a confirmation letting you know you are now a yearly subscriber.

5. Click on the Billing tab

6. Enter the Promo Code: SUMMER21 and Apply

7. You will see the description of the promotion.

8. IMPORTANT: You must click REDEEM for the discount to apply

9. Look for the next screen showing that the promo is active and your ending date.

10. On you next renewal date you will be charged the discounted amount.

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