Save 15% on Rachel & the TreeSchoolers!

Save 15% on Rachel & the TreeSchoolers!

Why Rachel & the TreeSchoolers?

  • Delivers a well-rounded preschool curriculum developed by PhDs
  • Engages your child in learning through songs, signs and games
  • Teaches your child HOW to learn (wonder, ask, learn, share)
  • Teaches core human values like empathy, kindness, and sharing
  • Was created for families, by families – not by TV executives

“We just watched our DVD of Rachel and the Treeschoolers and we absolutely love it! My girls are ages 3 and 4 and learned ASL through Signing Time and Baby Signing Time, but this program adds other learning concepts perfect for the preschool age! They want to watch it again and again!” ~Heather Seidel

 Buy Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Buy Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

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      • Rachel & the TreeSchoolers
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Funded by YOU, Help Create More Episodes!  Help Create More Episodes!

Did you know that Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is funded by families like yours? That’s right. When we pitched the show to television executives, they told us that it was “too educational for television” so we took the show directly to families through Kickstarter. Many backers chose the “Your Child in Our Show” reward so you’ll be seeing lots of new faces in upcoming episodes, including Nora’s (watch her video here).

Want to be a part of the magic? We’ve just kicked off our final Kickstarter campaign! Pledge to support new episodes by choosing a reward that’s right for you.

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TreeSchoolers guides are full of fun and easy activities and games for children of all ages. Includes lots of printable flash cards, coloring pages and certificates. Great for home or school!

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