Lesson 1: Family Signs

lesson one


Thanks for joining us! My sister and I created Signing Time to help my daughter, Leah, communicate with everyone in our large extended family. We’ve been signing together ever since!

In this lesson, you’ll learn a dozen ASL signs for family members. You can watch In a House from Signing Time Vol. 4 to practice the signs you learned. Then download the song lyrics, song MP3, and sign flash cards for even more signing fun. Just click below to get started.

If you like signing and want to learn more, contact your local Signing Time Academy Instructor and register for a class in your area. Happy signing!

Rachel Coleman

Practice your new signs with Rachel! 

Watch In a House from the video Family, Feelings & Fun

Free Download: Song Lyrics

Free Download: Song MP3


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Make reading more fun.

Research shows that signing actively engages children in reading and boosts early literacy skills. Choose a few key words to sign as you read. Check your local library for these books about families:

Parent to Parent

Out of all the Signing Time videos we have so far, Family, Feelings & Fun is my favorite.

I sing the In a House song at night with my children (7 and 2.5 years). We love learning the signs about feelings, too.

My oldest son actually signed to me the other morning that he was SICK. I gave him a concerned look and then suddenly he signed HAPPY and SURPRISE! What a silly kid!

Signing Time is entertaining and so easy to learn. Thank you, Rachel!

~Denise F.


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