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The Signing Time Foundation

The Signing Time Foundation

Friends of the Signing Time series have come to know and love Rachel, Alex & Leah by inviting them into their homes through the Signing Time DVDs and TV program. Many people have also come to know and adore Leah’s little sister Lucy, who was born with Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy. Lucy makes many appearances throughout the Signing Time series, cruising around in her power wheelchair. Lucy’s little smile and zest for life is the inspiration behind the Signing Time Foundation.

Lucy, like other little children, loves to be around her peers and to do what they do best: play! However, because of her special physical needs, she often faces barriers when it comes to something as simple as play.

Lucy loves to swing. But when her family takes her to the park they notice that most parks are not very fun for her. There are no swings to support a child who cannot balance on their own, or who cannot hold on with both hands. Maneuvering a child in a wheelchair over railroad ties and through the playground’s wood chips or sand is very difficult. Lucy would never be able to approach the play area by herself. The Colemans quickly realized that these and other barriers were in the way of Lucy’s having fun at the park and playing with other children.

Dissolving barriers of all types and creating opportunities for all children to become friends is what the Signing Time Foundation is all about.

Mission Statement:

The Signing Time Foundation Mission

The mission of the Signing Time Foundation is to enrich the lives of children of all abilities.

What We Do:

We create programs and opportunities designed to dissolve the barriers that exist for children with disabilities.

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