The Signing Time Foundation helps deaf children in Ghana attend school,

The Signing Time Foundation helps deaf children in Ghana attend school, improve teacher training and increase deaf awareness, in partnership with Signs of Hope International.Watch the video below to learn more about this non-profit organization.

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The Signing Time Foundation partners with the non-profit organization Signs of Hope Internaional to assist children who are Deaf in Ghana.

“In Ghana, West Africa there are more than 400,000 deaf people—some due to heredity, others to disease. In a country of nearly 22 million, that’s two percent of the population.

In villages throughout the country, deaf children are left without hope for an education. While families are forced to choose between eating or paying school fees, many eager children miss their opportunity to learn. A cycle of loneliness and self-doubt ensues.

With your help, Signs of Hope International can break the cycle. Help us give the deaf a voice by giving them an education. This singular act has the power to dramatically change lives.

Because education changes everything.” – Curry Jones founder of Signs of Hope International

Watch the video below to learn more about Signs of Hope International.

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