YOU are Invited: Rachel’s Concert at Joey+Rory’s Barn

Shh! It’s a Surprise

Yesterday, country music star Rory Feek (of Joey+Rory) announced that he has a very special surprise for his daughter, Indy, this Saturday. She is going to meet her hero, Rachel Coleman! Indy is a a huge fan of Signing Time, as you can see in this video 🙂

Video courtesy of Hickory Films

Indy+Friends Concert

On Saturday (11/12), Rachel is treating Indy and her friends to a very special Signing Time concert in Joey+Rory’s Farmhouse Concert Hall at their home in Tennessee. “I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter, Indy’s face. My wife’s idol was Dolly Parton… Rachel, you are Indy’s Dolly Parton,” said Rory.

Update 12/27/16:
Watch this concert from home!

The concert was sold out (Indy has lots of friends). However, the parents of Indy’s friend, Scout, have made it possible for you and your family to be a part of the magic by filming this event.

Get the digital download/video now

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