Too educational for TV? You decide.

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers: Too Educational for TV?

Why We’re Kickstarting TreeSchoolers

TV executives have told us that Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is just too educational for television. We are proud of that!

  • FACT – Only 1 in 8 kid’s educational programs meet high quality standards (1)
  • FACT – Only 1 in 4 were classified as minimally educational (2)
  • FACT – Advertisers spend $12 billion a year on ads targeting children (3)
We are inviting you to back Rachel & the TreeSchoolers episodes 2 and 3. Together we can create children’s programming that is truly educational.
Whole Body Learning: Engage a child's body - engage a child's mind
TreeSchoolers teaches kids HOW to learn with the CORI Method

Benefits of Becoming a Backer

With Kickstarter, you can pledge any amount you want, as long as it is at least $1. Pledge a specific amount to get in on limited early bird and backer-exclusive rewards, including:
  • Autographed products and photo of Rachel
  • Phone call or Skype call with Rachel
  • One-on-one coffee talk date with Rachel
  • Kids pizza party or birthday party with Rachel
  • Lullaby with your child’s name sung by Rachel
  • An original song written by Rachel for you
  • Film session to put your child for our next videoBecome a Backer
  • And many more!
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