Why Signing Time Fans Rock!

All our testimonials in the U.S.
Check out all our Testimonials! You span the globe

So I was sitting in my office today reviewing reports, web pages, marketing and needed a quick break from the hum-drum of work and took a moment to read through our testimonials page on our website. It’s been broken for the last couple of weeks and we finally got it back up and running earlier this week. I’m glad it’s back because I was reminded that our customers and fans are awesome! I can honestly say that on a frequent basis your letters, your emails and your testimonials bring me to tears! No joke. (maybe it’s because I have 4 daughters and am a little more emotional then the typical guy ;-)) Thanks to all for sharing your stories!

We have over 500 testimonials from all over the U.S. and the world. Read our testimonials for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about! We also have a neat little Google map that displays all the testimonials by geographic location. Take a look and see who around you has left a testimonial and how it has impacted them and their family.

Next, if you haven’t posted up your story or testimonial feel free to do so by going to the testimonial submission page. If you have any feedback or something is broken let me know because we just got it back up and running.

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Mike’s Top 10 reasons Signing Time Fans Rock

10. You love children and learning just like us

9. You’ve supported Signing Time since 2001 keeping us going for almost 10 years

8. You share your successes, struggles and failures with us.

7. You make us a part of your family

6. You like Rachel’s snazzy sweater as much as I do

5. Alex and Leah are your heroes

4. You’re our fan on Facebook (We have over 4,000 and counting… Are you one?)

3. Singing, signing, playing and dancing are all in your top 10 list of fun things to do.

2. It melts your heart when those little eyes light up and a child can communicate with you!

1. You think Hopkins is the most famous (and cutest?) frog in the world.

Keep rock’n and have a fabulous summer with your families and kids.

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