More Ghana Pictures!

Yesterday, Aaron was able to get all of Robi and Derek’s pictures of our trip to Ghana. Tonight I posted my fourth Ghana Journal 2008 page. Check out Leah’s fancy braids! A hair salon made out of a metal shipping container! Be amazed at just how much CAN be carried on one’s head! All this and more as we continued to frighten small African children.

After posting that page, I went back into the first three journal pages and added pictures where I could. Be sure to take a quick look through the previous pages. You will see JoJo Boy the monkey. See us crossing the street with goats. Look for our first hugs from the deaf students in Mampong. See termite mounds that are taller than I am… I know that’s not saying much! You can even see the Machete Men! See Alex helping the students with numbers and counting. See more pictures of our Signing Time performance at the Deaf School.

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What Makes A Gutter Orange?

Tomorrow’s post promises to inspire you with business names you’ve NEVER thought of.. I guarantee it. And you will find out who covered their face with their shirt to block the smell of raw sewage only to “lose their lunch” inside their shirt! If you thought the spicy hot dogs looked bad, just wait and see what “treat” comes tomorrow. The adventures continue daily!

Ghana Journal 2008 Day 1
Ghana Journal 2008 Day 2
Ghana Journal 2008 Day 3
Ghana Journal 2008 Day 4

3 thoughts on “More Ghana Pictures!”

  1. I caught up on the posts last night and can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure I want to know what that picture is though!

  2. For some reason, I’m still not getting notices from your blog. But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking. I SAVED that picture of the gross stuff.

  3. Not everyone knows how tall you are… remember, most people think you look taller on tv, lol! Those are some HUGE termite mounds!

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