Why I want to go to Ghanaby Ellie Brumett (age 14)

I want to go to Ghana because it’s a good experience. I also want to improve the lives of the deaf kids in Ghana as much as I can. I have been interested in Sign Language ever since I was little. My mom taught me a lot and so did Signing Time. It was very cool in 2005 when I met Leah Coleman at the Signing Time Family Camp. We became instant friends.

As our friendship has developed over the years so have my signing abilities. Having Leah as a friend has really encouraged me to learn more ASL. I am happy that I get to go with Rachel and Leah (and my mom) to Africa. I have a lot of Deaf friends here in Minnesota that I enjoy signing with and I think it is amazing that kids in Ghana have a chance to learn sign language! I am looking forward to talking with them and seeing their view of the world. I have never been out of the USA, so I am scared, but I’m mostly excited to go on this wonderful trip.

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