Your Free Guide: Using Sign Language in Your Homeschooling Program

Play is the work of children. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel

Fröbel’s idea that children learn through play is a guiding insight for many homeschooling programs. Parents often incorporate playing, singing, dancing, games, and gardening into their educational activities. Signing fits in naturally with this kind of learning because it is both physically engaging and fun. In your free guide, Using Signing Time in Homeschool Programs, we’ll present some guidelines for incorporating signing across subject areas and suggest themed play and learning activities that can contribute to educational and social development – and add an amazing element of fun to your homeschooling program.


I just want to share with you how Signing Time has been such an amazing gift in my family. We started to use as part of our home- school second language curriculum for our four-year old daughter, Sabrina, who has an incredibly huge signing vocabulary. We usually watch Signing Time and then set out to apply those vocabulary words into the “real world.” We use home-made flashcards to reinforce the signs shown on the DVD and play games of “I Spy” using sign language. My daughter practices writing the words from the DVDs as well, so that she can start recognizing them in print. She also practices fingerspelling each word. We sign everywhere.
~ Bridget E. from Elkton, MD


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