“I Will Survive” Mom Parody – Come Laugh with Us

Parenting can be tough….. Baby Signing Time to the rescue!

Start surviving TODAY! Try Subscription FREE for 14 days! MySigningTime.com features 50+ videos, MP3s, ebooks, parent guides, activities, and more.

Are you a mom juggling the challenges of life with baby? See the magical change that takes place when your baby learns to sign! Share our “I Will Survive” Parody with 5 moms and help us spread some humor and hope. With Baby Signing Time, I will survive!

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Testimonials from Baby Signing Time Fans

We started teaching our son some easy signs about 18 months old and he quickly caught on.  He now knows over 200 – and he remembers them from the first time he sees the sign made. The videos have eliminated tantrums on his end, and we enjoy watching him sign a story.  It is the best tool communicating that we have found yet! ~Pam L.

Our son is 20 months old. Within days of watching the videos, his speech exploded! I was floored! Not only was he signing but he was saying every word as if he always had them as a part of his vocabulary. Yesterday he signed that his shoes hurt his feet so we took him to have his feet measured and, sure enough, the shoes were too small. I am grateful for what we are all learning as a family with Baby Signing Time. ~Mark J.