Ryan will do what Ryan will do!

Making a Difference: Stories from Signing Time Families

We’d like to share this testimonial that Susan L. posted at www.signingtime.com recently.
Warning: Get your tissue out. This is one seriously inspiring story.

When we adopted Ryan from Russia he was almost 2 years old and was unable to speak. Right away we got him involved in all kinds of program for developmentally delayed children. After a year of receiving speech, occupational therapy, and being in a developmental preschool, he had made some progress, but still wasn’t able to form any words. I made the decision to quit my job to stay home and work with him full time, but even still with all the therapies he was receiving he was about to turn 4 without even 1 word.

Then one day while surfing the internet for some speech related help, I saw Signing Time videos and decided to give them a try as nothing else had worked. I popped them in the DVD and just played them all day long though he showed no interest in watching any of them. I remember tearing up while listening to the song* about “Sammie will do what Sammie will do when Sammie is ready to do it,” but I just kept the videos going day after day.

Then came the moment I will never forget, as I was folding laundry in the other room. I hear this small voice say the word “uncle.” I could hardly believe my ears. I turned the corner and this dear little boy stood in front of the TV not only saying “uncle” but signing it as well. I dropped the laundry basket to the floor and scooped him up in my arms crying, You said uncle! You said uncle!” he started laughing, which was another thing he never did.

From that day forward Ryan continued to add more words and within the year has gone from no words to speaking in 5 to 6 word sentences! he still has a ways to go to catch up to his peers, but continues to surprise us with all the cute things he says. He has really opened up to having new experiences and temper tantrums are a thing of the past.

I cannot thank Signing Time enough for helping to give our little boy his voice. This has been a true blessing for all of us and your selfless inspirations have changed many lives and given hope where there was so little. Now when I hear that song* about Sammie will do what Sammie will do, I still get tears in my eyes, but now they are tears of joy.


*The song Susan refers to in this story is called “Shine,” an original song by Rachel Coleman.

Listen to “Shine” here.

Signing Time CD: Shine

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  1. I have the same feelings about my daughter Lily, who is deaf and can’t sign much yet. She has learned only 3 signs after 18 months of trying to teach her… but she can sign. And since we’ve been fighting for her life from the very beginning, 3 signs is music to my eyes.

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