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The Signing Time Foundation Partners with
Signs of Hope International to Take Signing Time to Africa

Hosts of Signing Time will go to Ghana to Teach Sign Language to Native Teachers and Deaf Students

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – January 16, 2008 – The Signing Time Foundation has partnered with Signs of Hope International to bring the hosts of Signing Time!, to Ghana, West Africa.

Leah Coleman explains her dreams of
going to Ghana to teach children who are deaf.

On January 21st, the Signing Time Team, including Signing Time host Rachel Coleman, along with Alex Brown and Leah Coleman, child stars of Signing Time, will head to Ghana, West Africa for 10 days to teach sign language to students that are deaf. The Signing Time Team will also help the teachers learn how to teach sign language.

“Organizations like Signs of Hope International have found that most teachers in Ghana are entering the deaf schools without proper sign language education. Because of the lack of suitable resources, deaf children in Ghana struggle to learn and progress using sign language to enhance their education,” said Rachel Coleman, host of the sign language videos and public television series, Signing Time.

Rachel Coleman, the host of Signing Time and President of the Signing Time Foundation, participates in Signing Time outreach events across the country to teach ASL vocabulary and to educate parents, teachers, caregivers, and communities on the value of sign language for children in everyday learning. Coleman is excited to be involved and create opportunities for children to learn and progress despite the fact that they cannot hear.

With the help of Signing Time fans and generous donors, the Signing Time Foundation raised over $4,000 to send the Team to Ghana.

“We would like to thank our fans for their generous contributions,” said Coleman. “We are so excited for this opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of the Ghanaian people and look forward to learning from them as well.”

Signing Time is a DVD and public television series that teaches ASL to children of all abilities. Featuring Rachel Coleman, her daughter Leah—who is deaf—along with Alex—Leah’s cousin, who can hear—and their animated pet frog Hopkins, Signing Time offers an unparalleled multi-sensory educational approach. With 30 volumes, Signing Time has become the largest library of entertaining signing videos of its kind available. Signing Time reaches children with diverse learning styles and encourages interaction through signing, singing, speaking and moving.

Fans and media can follow along with the Signing Time team, as Rachel blogs about their experiences live from Ghana.


While filming the last Signing Time shows Leah was asked the question of what she wants to be when she grows up. She said, “I want to be a writer and make books; or a teacher for the deaf African kids that don’t know sign yet.”

Leah will not have to wait until she has grown up! Signs of Hope International provide internships for Americans who know ASL to go to Africa where they can teach the teachers. They also have a teacher incentive program that encourages teachers to play a more active role in improving the classroom experience. Signing Time is looking to make this a yearly trip, where they can help inspire, teach and show children the possibilities for the future. It is the goal of Signing Time to also build playgrounds and dormitories at the schools as well.


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