Three New Signing Time DVDs: Spring Cleaning Bundle


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Parents get a ‘helping hand’ turning chore time into Signing Time


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – April 30, 2008 – Two Little Hands Productions – creators of the popular Signing Time DVD series and hit public television show designed to teach babies, toddlers and young children to communicate using American Sign Language (ASL) – announces three new Signing Time DVDs that will help make ‘chore time’ a lot more fun.

In addition to its signature clever animation and new original songs, the newest titles – My House, My Things and Helping Out Around the House – can help enhance communication, self-confidence and verbal skills as children learn the signs for things all around the house.

“We get so many suggestions from our fans about what signs they need to expand their ASL vocabulary. We’re thrilled to finally fulfill the requests for help with chore time!” says Rachel Coleman. “We are dedicated to creating products that help enhance communication in families, and we will continue to do our best to meet the needs of our fans.”

In Volume 8: My House, children take a singing and signing tour of rooms in the house, learning how to sign words like ‘kitchen,’ ‘family room,’ and so forth. In Volume 9: My Things, children learn to sign words like ‘clean up,’ ‘vacuum,’ and much more. In Volume 10: Helping Out Around the House, children discover that work can feel like play as they sing and sign their way through household chores.

All three DVDs come in a special “Spring Cleaning Bundle” that includes a Signing Time chore chart with stickers and a cleaning cloth featuring beloved pal Hopkins the Frog. Pricing and details for the promotion can be found at In addition, the first 300 bundles will be autographed by one of the Signing Time stars – Alex, Leah or Rachel.

About Signing Time

Signing Time offers an unparalleled multi-sensory approach encouraging learning through three senses: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Signing Time reaches children with diverse learning styles and abilities by encouraging interaction through signing, singing, speaking and dancing. Featuring Rachel Coleman and her daughter Leah, who is deaf, along with Alex (Leah’s cousin, who can hear) and their animated pet frog Hopkins, the Signing Time series teaches hundreds of ASL vocabulary-building signs that are useful in daily life.

About Two Little Hands Productions

Two Little Hands Productions produces and distributes Signing Time – a captivating and entertaining American Sign Language (ASL) DVD/video series and public television program. Signing Time was created to make signing fun and easy for children of all ages and abilities, including pre-verbal infants. Two Little Hands Productions is the winner of more than 55 national parenting awards for both Signing Time and Baby Signing Time. For more information, visit