Rachel Live Event in Massachusetts garners media attention

Congratulations to Master Signing Time Academy Instructor Lane Rebelo for hosting a very successful Rachel Live Event!

Media coverage of the event included this article on Wicked Local Ashland: 

By Joe O’Connell/Staff writer
Posted Aug 24, 2012 @ 09:45 AM

ASHLAND —Before a toddler belts out their first word, the only way they can communicate with adults is by crying, gesturing and making indiscernible sounds. But what if a toddler could tell their parents exactly what they wanted, such as more food, without needing to say a word? That is where Lane Rebelo, founder of Tiny Signs, comes in. The Ashland mother of two founded her company in 2009 after seeing the benefits of teaching baby sign language to her first daughter.

“I fell in love with signing and the language with my first daughter,” said Rebelo. “My daughter, at 11 months, was talking to me. I was scrambling to learn more signs because she was learning so quickly.” Sign language has become a popular tool for parents to teach their toddlers as a form of communication before talking. “It is growing in popularity,” said Rebelo.

Programs such as Rebelo’s teach parents simple words or phrases that are easy for their children to learn. Some of the more popular words kids learn to sign include “more,” “all done” and “milk.” Rebelo, a certified master instructor with Signing Time, said it is important, when teaching a child to sign, to sign in context. “(Kids) understand a lot more than we think,” said Rebelo. “It’s hard to understand why everyone doesn’t do this all the time.”

Rebelo said teaching a toddler sign language is successful because parents are building on communication skills, like gesturing, that the child has already developed. She gave the example of a baby clapping when they are excited or waving goodbye. Parents do not need to learn an entirely new language if they want to teach their children to sign, Rebelo said, and Tiny Signs offers something for everyone. Tiny Signs offers classes for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as private lessons. Rebelo said the most demand for sign language class is for infants. The youngest student she has had was four months old.

“I love that I can be teaching and everyone in the room is getting something out of it,” said Rebelo. Read full article here 

…and this article in the MetroWest Daily News!
Lane Rebelo hosts Rachel Coleman Live event in MA


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