Are We There Yet? – Signing Time Products On The Go!

Written by Jennifer deAzevedo Suttner

Travel with Signing Time Baby Sign Language Videos

How many times can your kids ask that question before you go a little nuts? I recently went on a two-and-a-half-hour drive with 2 young kids and that question was asked 5 times in the last thirty minutes of the drive!

Needless to say, hearing that question over and over again was making me wonder, “Are we there yet?” Take advantage of those long car rides or flights this summer! Signing Time will teach your kids another language and keep them engaged while you travel!

Want to educate them as well as entertain them? We’ve got you covered. Our videos even have catchy, fun songs your kids can sing along with. And with our My Signing Time digital subscription, you have access to our ENTIRE library! You get Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, TreeSchoolers, Music, e-books and so much more!

Are We There Yet? - Signing Time Products On The Go!

While watching and learning from My Signing Time, make this summer’s travel time having the kids asking – “We’re here already?”

Give your child the proven benefits signing has to offer and keep your sanity while you travel this summer. It’s a win/win for everyone! 🙂


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