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How to Be Safe This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching with its pumpkins, costumes, candy, and fun! As we plan for our fun, it’s also important to plan for our kids’ safety.  And while safety is always something we consider for Halloween activities, 2020 requires that we add an additional level of safety to our Halloween fun. Let’s look at how we can have fun and be safe this Halloween.

Standard Halloween Safety Tips

There are several safety tips that are always part of our Halloween activities.  We know that children should wear something bright and reflective or carry a glow stick or flashlight. Parents should stay with their children as they trick-or-treat and check candy before allowing children to eat it.

Safe Kids Worldwide has some additional safety tips for our kids.  They suggest that costumes fit correctly to avoid tripping or other injuries.  Additionally, they suggest that we use non-toxic face paint and make up on our children.

Be Safe At Home

Kids love to decorate pumpkins and display them for all to see.  Be sure to supervise pumpkin carving and assist where necessary, based on the age and ability of your children. Painting pumpkins is a great carving alternative for little ones.

Consider using glow sticks to light up your jack-o-lanterns instead of using candles. This can prevent burns and any accidental fires.

Safe Kids points out that we should keep any decorations away from open flames, lights, and heaters, as things like corn stalks and paper decorations can easily catch fire.

Be Safe While Driving

It’s always important for us to stay alert while driving.  Since there are so many more pedestrians out on Halloween, safe driving is even more important.

Keep an eye out for children crossing streets or not paying attention to cars.  Safe Kids reminds us to put away any distractions, like your phone or even food.

Please avoid driving drunk or high. Halloween tends to be a big party night for many people. Let’s have a plan in place ahead of time so that we keep everyone safe, especially the children who will be out.

Be Safe Trick-or-Treating

As stated above, make sure your kids are visible in some way, like a glow stick, a flashlight, or reflective tape. If your kids are young, you should accompany them. Cross streets at crosswalks and put your phones away so that you can stay alert. 

If your kids are older and you feel they can trick or treat without you, be sure they are committed to crossing streets safely and that they have a group of friends to stick with. Set a way for them to check in with you, and set a definite time to meet up with you or to be home.

And how can we talk about trick or treat without learning the sign for candy?

Have fun and be safe in 2020

We all know the drill – social distancing and face masks.  And this applies to how we have fun and stay safe in our Halloween activities as well.

Halloween 2020 - a masked pumpkin

Things are going to look different this year.

Some people are opting to put a table at the end of their driveways or walkways and to spread the candy out so that a piece can be taken without touching other pieces.

Some families are coming up with alternative ways to go out and collect candy without actually taking candy from other households.  For example, you could put a piece of candy in your child’s bag every time you see a decorated house or another costumed kid.  Or you could have your own fun costumed scavenger hunt.

Whatever you end up doing, give people space, even in more crowded areas. Be willing to stand back and wait your turn, or to keep walking if it’s a crowded space. And since this will be difficult going door to door (if your community is doing a door to door event this year), face masks will be part of our costumes.

My kids are already planning costumes that include a mask.  I wonder how many ninjas we’ll see this year!

Safe Kids also reminds us that we should not use markers or paint to decorate face masks for Halloween, as they can be toxic, and we are breathing through them.

Even though Halloween is going to look different this year, let’s work together to have fun while we keep our kids healthy and safe!

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