Exercising at home with your kids

Boost Happiness and Energy: Exercise More with Your Kids

We’re at the end of January, and we all need to find ways to boost happiness and energy in our daily life. This is the month when many of us decide to get back to exercising. During this time of pandemic, we may not have the option to hit the gym. At-home options are key now. But with young children, or even with school aged children at home more often, it’s not always easy to find a good time to work out alone. So why not try to make exercising a together thing? Start exercising at home with your kids!

Do kids need to work out to boost their happiness and energy?

While it seems like children are full of boundless energy they can also experience lulls in energy and focus. We all know the benefits of exercise. You can increase blood flow, gain strength, improve your health, and become more flexible. You can also gain a sense of calm. We don’t tend to think about these issues with our children, but they need physical activity too. 

Active kids have stronger bones and muscles, less body fat and risk of becoming overweight, a lower chance of getting Type-2 Diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower chance of feeling down or depressed.

Traditionally, kids don’t work out. They run, jump, and play hard. However, as our world becomes more and more digital, kids are becoming less active. Screens are replacing the time that kids used to run around, play on the playground, ride bikes, and play tag. Many children do participate in group sports, but in this time of COVID-19, many teams aren’t playing. Community centers aren’t open for much. Most of us are home most of the time. And being at home more often doesn’t tend to provide our kids with as much physical activity. So now is a perfect time to start exercising at home with our kids.

It’s easy to include them

It might seem difficult or even annoying to include your kids in your own workouts. While it may take some adjusting, it really isn’t too difficult. And you can work out in the same way and at the same level as you usually do. There’s no need to ease up on your preferred exercise to make it easier for kids. Let them join you, and they can exercise at their own level.

If you do aerobics, have them participate beside you the best they can. Of course, you can assist them if you would like to, but perfection is not the goal for them. They will enjoy jumping around beside you, and they will get some great physical activity. Watching a video helps to keep their interest, and there are many resources online for aerobic workouts.

You can also join in with them as they do child centered work outs. My Signing Time includes a fun exercise playlist called Hip Hop Hopkins. Children love to exercise with Hopkins the Frog from the Signing Time series. Watch the preview here. Hip Hop Hopkins is included with your My Signing Time Subscription. It gets kids and their parents moving and grooving to original and favorite songs.

exercising at home with your kids

If you do yoga, or even if you don’t, kids love learning yoga poses. They are so cute going through a yoga flow. And they are so flexible that they may surpass you quickly! You can even get kids’ yoga cards to help them learn the poses. Again, there are many beginner and ongoing yoga workouts online, and kids love to watch and copy what they see there.

Even if you do strength training, kids can join you. While you are lifting weights and doing reps, they can lift cans of soup, toys, or smaller weights if you have them. They can join you in your strength building exercises, even if their push-ups are not perfect. You can go ahead and work out, and let them keep up however they can.

Interestingly, kids love to work out if they can join you. Spending the extra time together will boost their happiness and energy. Working together is a great way to connect. So carve out some time to get exercising at home with your kids! Exercising together may even get you to do it more often!

Resources for you

My Signing Time Hip Hop Hopkins Video Playlist

We have a great Rachel & Me video on My Signing Time about ways kids can move their bodies: Rachel & Me Move Your Body

This can help motivate your kids to get moving! And it will help them learn the signs for run, jump, dance, walk, swim, and more!

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