fun food days to enjoys

Fun Food Days to Enjoy This December

While we’re all focused on preparing for the big holidays of this month, there are still several special calendar days devoted to random things in December. We’re looking at two fun food days to enjoy this December, National Hot Cocoa Day and National Maple Syrup Day. During this month of sweet treats, these special days help us to enjoy them even more. Let’s think about a few ways to take a little time to enjoy some winter treats in the middle of our holiday craziness.

National Hot Cocoa Day

December 13th is National Hot Cocoa Day. And have you ever met a child who doesn’t love hot cocoa? This simple celebration idea can be as simple or as complex as you would like to make it. Are you going to be in the car a lot on December 13th? Maybe plan a drive-through stop to pick up some hot cocoa to enjoy in the car. And if you’ll be home with your little ones that day, you could make a big deal of having some hot cocoa that day. Or you could go all out with fun toppings and add-in goodies. 

You can get your kids involved in planning your hot cocoa day too! Ask them what special hot cocoa add-ins they would like, and maybe even let them shop for them (or hunt through the pantry) with you. Or you could make it a surprise. Serve what you decide, have on hand, or want to deal with. If you have really little ones, use sippy cups instead of mugs for less mess, and of course, make it much cooler than you would normally make hot cocoa.

Make an even bigger event of it by watching a favorite holiday movie or a fun Signing Time show together. Use the time to take a break with your kids. Or let your kids watch something and enjoy their hot cocoa while you get some things done.

Also, as you work on your National Hot Cocoa Day fun, you can work with your kids on the signs for drink, spoon, and cup

fun food days to enjoy this December

National Maple Syrup Day

There’s another one of these fun food days to enjoy this December. And yes, it’s a celebration of maple syrup. December 17th is National Maple Syrup Day. It’s a great day to plan a fun pancake, French toast, or waffle breakfast and enjoy your maple syrup. Or, if breakfast is too hectic at your house, plan a breakfast-for-dinner day, and enjoy your maple syrup foods for dinner. It really doesn’t matter if you use real maple syrup or basic pancake syrup with maple flavoring. Either way, your kids will enjoy having an official maple syrup day.

And while you’re dealing with sticky maple syrup, it’s a great time to teach your little ones the signs for fork, napkin, and plate. And of course, we can use the sign for “wash hands”.

fun food days to enjoy this December

Read about Maple Syrup

To take National Maple Syrup Day further, check your library for fun picture books about the making of maple syrup. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Sugaring by Jesse Haas

Sap to Syrup by Inez Snyder

From Maple Tree to Syrup by Melanie Mitchell

Taffy Time by Jennifer Lloyd

Maple Syrup from the Sugar House by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton

Curious George Makes Maple Syrup adaptation by C.A. Krones

And then there are fun pancake books you can enjoy too!  

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle

Free Holiday Shows

So, will you celebrate either of these fun food days this December? While you do, don’t forget to check out these free holiday shows available this month.

December Holiday Signs

Signing Time Christmas – Luke 2

Signing Time Christmas – Secular Version

Jingle Bells Remix

Signing Time Christmas -The Spirit of Christmas Music Video

You can find them in the Holiday Videos section at My Signing Time. And if you’d like to access all of our holiday programming, try out a digital subscription to My Signing Time with a 14-day free trial! Happy Holidays!

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