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Fun Snacks to Enjoy This Halloween Season

When we think about Halloween food, we tend to think of sweets and candy. And while these sweet treats are part of the fun of the Halloween season, we can do so much more to have some Halloween fun with food. Our fun holiday food could even be a little bit healthy to balance out all our sweet treats. So let’s look at some fun snacks to enjoy this Halloween season.

We parents really do want our kids to be healthy, even in the middle of a candy season, so let’s start with some relatively healthy snacks.

Yogurt with creepy floaties

Here’s an easy one! Put some healthy yogurt into a bowl, and then mix in some creepy candy. You can find all kinds of creepy treats like gummy eyeballs or chocolate eyeballs. If creepy candy is too much for your little one, then mix in a different Halloween candy, like traditional candy corn or Halloween colored M&Ms. Our kids will get some candy, some creepy Halloween fun, and some reasonably healthy yogurt.

Creepy smoothies

The simplest creepy colored smoothie is a green smoothie, usually made green by adding spinach. If green smoothies are a new thing in your house, you may need to hide the spinach. Once it’s blended into the smoothie, it’s almost tasteless. Ingredients with strong flavors, like peanut butter or bananas (or both), tend to mask the green taste. Here’s a good base recipe for a creepy green smoothie.

Or you could make a blood red smoothie with a blood orange and some frozen dark berries like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Here’s a good recipe to try for a blood red smoothie.

You can play with all kinds of ingredients to make your own fun Halloween smoothie. These fruit and vegetable blends are healthy, fun snacks to enjoy this Halloween season.

Oatmeal cookies with creepy pieces

If you can find some creepy chocolate candy, you can add it to any oatmeal cookie recipe. If you like the raisins, leave them in and add the creepy candies. And if you don’t like the raisins, then just replace them with the creepy candies. Either way, our kids are getting a good serving of oats along with their fun creepy cookies.

Apple wedges with teeth

This one has been all over the internet this year. Most of them use peanut butter to hold a line of small marshmallows between two red apple slices, so that the finished product looks like a mouth with teeth. Some add a strawberry tongue sticking out of it. And some add eyes to the top to make it extra creepy. What a fun snack to enjoy this Halloween season!

Signing with our snacks

While we are enjoying our Halloween snacks, we can learn some of the signs that go with our snacks. There is an entire section of mealtime signs in our free Signing Time Dictionary, and here are some we can start with.

Bowl and Candy

Cup, Drink, and Fruit

Cookie and Apple

Along with the signs you can learn from our Signing Time Dictionary, you and your kids can learn to sign through our shows at My Signing Time. You can watch My Signing Time on any device, and you can try it out with a 14-day free trial right here

What fun snacks will you enjoy this Halloween season?

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