What Is The Funniest Thing Your Child Has Ever Done With Signing?

I started signing with my hearing daughter when she was 6 months old. Originally, my goal was to be able to communicate with her before she could talk. As she grew, signing became so much more than that! She’s now 7 years old and, looking back, I can’t help but think of all the little “moments” that I would have missed if we didn’t have baby sign language! It truly opens up a window into your child’s mind.

What Is The Funniest Thing Your Child Has Ever Done With Signing?

One day, when my daughter was about 14 months old, she started tugging at my jeans frantically signing SQUIRREL and pointing out the window. I had my hands full so, without looking out the window, I smiled, signed SQUIRREL and went back to what I was doing. A moment later, she tugged again and signed SQUIRREL + CHEESE. “What?!” I thought. So, I went over to the window and to my surprise there was a squirrel sitting outside with a huge piece of pizza in his mouth! My daughter and I made eye contact again, and laughed and laughed!! I will never forget that moment (and many others after!) She couldn’t say, “Hey Mom, check out this squirrel, he’s eating pizza!” All she needed were 2 signs: SQUIRREL + CHEESE! I knew then that signing would always be a part of our lives, and I was going to share it with as many families as I possibly could. ~Kelly Konieczki, Signing Time Academy Associate Director, Instructor, Momcat’s Signing Academy


The Funniest Thing Your Child Has Ever Done With Signing!


We asked our fans to share some of their funniest signing moments with us!

Here are some of our favorite responses:

When a family member was smothering my daughter with hugs and kisses, she looked at me with a helpless look in her eye and signed “all done!” We were able to diffuse the situation without any one’s feelings being hurt. ~Jenny V.
We lived in a very damp area along the west coast where the moss grew long and hung from the trees. We were at the dinner table and I could not for the life of me figure out why my toddler daughter kept signing “hair” and pointing out the window. It finally occurred to me that the she was telling us that the “trees” had “hair.” ~Katrina V.
Not too long ago every time a camera came out my son would sign “Cheese” – his daycare teachers couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t smile until they told us what was happening and then we all had a good laugh when I explained it to them. ~Erin C.
We were visiting my relatives in Ohio — the first time for my daughter. She kept signing “share” and I didn’t know why. Then realized she was talking about Aunt Sheri! ~Kristiana P.
My child was asleep and signing for bacon! ~Martha J.

One Halloween, I was trick-or-treating at the mall with my 17-month-old grandson. Every store we went to, they added candy to his basket. He would sign, “thank you” to each one. Almost everyone said, “Oh, how cute! He is blowing us kisses!” ~Rose T.


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