get into the Olympics with your kids

Get Into the Olympics with Your Kids

We’re finally in the middle of the 2020 Olympic Games…in 2021. Another odd part of life from COVID-19. In fact, did you know that the Olympic Games have never been held in an odd year? And here’s another interesting piece of trivia. This is the second time Tokyo has had to cancel or reschedule their hosting of the games. The previous time was in 1940 during World War II. While young children may or may not get into the Olympics, you can help them to appreciate their significance. Here are some ways you can have fun and get into the Olympics with your kids.

Do you have a favorite sport? 

It’s a great time to learn about sports, to spend some time on your kids favorite sports, and even to introduce them to your own favorite sports. You can start by exploring the sports events that are being shown for the Olympics. In my family, we watch whatever is showing live, but we also look through the different highlights to see what looks interesting. It’s been super fun and we’ve learned about some other sports besides the mainstream ones. 

Your public library will have books about your kids’ favorite sports or a new sport to learn about. We have several sports related ASL signs in the Sports section of our Signing Time Dictionary. Or you could learn the sign for sports right here

There is a fun Signing Time episode about sports. Check out My Favorite Sport right here with your My Signing Time digital subscription. Don’t have a subscription? Try it out with a 14-day free trial today, and for a limited time, get 10% off an annual subscription here!

Getting into a particular sport is a fun way to get into the Olympics with your kids!

Talk about good sportsmanship 

My kids have noticed the sweet attitudes and good sportsmanship of many competitors, and it’s so good for them to see this. These athletes have given us a great example of being happy for someone else’s accomplishments even if we ourselves are disappointed. What a good conversation to have as you get into the Olympics with your kids! We can keep supporting this kind of attitude in all areas of life, not only in sports. Let’s be happy for the success of others, and let’s be the first to congratulate and to support the people around us.

Hold your own Olympic games 

Why not hold your own mini Olympics? Think through what your kids would enjoy and what you have available to use.

If you have a pool, you can have fun with swimming races and diving contests. 

In your own yard, in some open space at a park, or even in a cul-de-sac, you could set up some cones or other markers to make an “official” track for your kids to run. Maybe even add some short hurdles to jump over. 

Kids would love to do a long jump, have a bicycle race, hold a gymnastics competition, or spin around and throw something heavy as far as they can.  Think about simple ways to have your own Olympic events and get into the Olympics with your kids! 

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