go on a seek-and-find adventure with your kids

Go on a Seek-and-Find Adventure with Your Kids

March 10 is International Find a Pay Phone Booth Day. Try to say that ten times fast! Hunting for unusual items with your children can be lots of fun. And if the weather is improving in your area, it’s a great time to get outside and go on a seek-and-find adventure with your kids. You could search for phone booths or anything else you can think of. Some places already have fun things to search for with your family. So get online, get creative, and get outside to have a fun searching adventure with your kids.

Adventures benefit our kids

Children love adventures. It gives them something fun and different to do and it engages their minds. Treasure hunts engage logical thinking for children. Logical thinking requires understanding what things are, how they relate to each other, and the sequence in which they occur. So any organized hunt will get this process going in a child’s mind. We identify what we’re looking for, we find out where and how to look, and we see the order in which we find the items.

As children work through this process, they learn to predict where to find things in their hunt. This is logical thinking.

Going on a seek-and-find adventure with your kids will also encourage their imaginations. And imagination affects so many areas of cognitive and social development for children. When kids use their imaginations and try new things, they develop their ability to think critically and to solve problems. This creative, imaginative play develops their thinking skills and their social skills too. So as our kids picture the items we’re looking for, they are working their imaginations. And as they think through where these items could be found, they are stretching those problem solving muscles. 

Did you know that developing the imaginations of our kids could help them in so many ways? A searching adventure will be fun for your kids while it helps to develop their minds. All of this can happen while you go on a seek-and-find adventure with your kids.

Plan your seek-and-find adventure

You can look for phone booths if that is something you can find where you live. Kids will love going inside and pushing the buttons. You could even call someone you know.

There are lots of other hunts you could do with your kids as well. I used to live in a city where there were little bronze mice hidden all along Main Street. You could walk along Main Street and see if you could find them, or you could find a list online to help you as you search. So see if there is any fun searching adventure set up where you live. Even if it’s not an official hunt, perhaps there is something unique in your area that you could hunt for with your kids.

Seek-and-find books to read with your kids

This is also a great time to read some fun searching and finding books with your kids. 

There’s the classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. 

The I Spy books have board book versions for younger children and some really advanced versions too. 

Where’s Waldo? books are full of fun details too.

 And another classic, Where Is Curious George? by H.A. Rey, will be fun for your kids too.

My Signing Time resources

In The Great Outdoors, you can learn signs for all kinds of things to hunt for in your own backyard.

And as you have a fun searching adventure with your kids, you can learn the signs for find and explore. You can also search in our free Signing Time Dictionary to find the signs for objects you are hunting for.  

At My Signing Time, you can enjoy the free to watch section to help you see if a My Signing Time digital subscription is right for your family. You can even try it out with a 14-day free trial right here.

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