have some fun with National Pizza Month

Have Some Fun with National Pizza Month!

What could be better than a National Pizza Month? October is full of important causes, but pizza is a cause that most of our kids would wholeheartedly embrace. And thankfully, it’s a pretty easy thing to celebrate. So, between signing and food, we can have some fun with National Pizza Month! 

Yes, we’re heading into the time of year when we are hit with holiday after holiday, and of course, October starts it all off. While we think of Halloween first in October, it is actually a very full month. October commemorates many health related causes like Breast Cancer Awareness. It also brings awareness to other important causes like Down Syndrome Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Bullying Awareness. That’s a pretty heavy lineup of important social issues. If you look it up, there is a huge list of worthy causes in October. But I’m pretty sure National Pizza Month would top the list for our kids.

Ways to celebrate

It’s so easy to have some fun with National Pizza Month! Our kids love pizza, and most adults love pizza as well. There are so many options for pizza too! Deep dish, thin crust, hand-tossed, cauliflower crust, gluten free options, and all kinds of cheeses, even dairy-free options. And then we each have our own favorites for toppings.

Have a party

So, to celebrate, well, we just eat pizza. But then again, we could have pizza parties for kids or adults. You could have a selection of doughs or pizza crusts, some sauce options, and then a variety of toppings for everyone to assemble their own pizzas . Or you could have everyone bring their own favorite pizza to share. Pizza is an easy meal to gather around, and with enough variety, it can please anyone.

Make it fun at home

Even at home on a regular day, you could make it a fun pizza day. We could have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To make it even more interesting, there are yummy breakfast pizzas, fruit pizzas, and all kinds of fun alternative pizzas to help you have an entire day of different pizzas.

Signing with your pizza making

And if you work on making pizza with your little ones, it’s a perfect time to learn some more mealtime signs to go with your pizza making.

Of course, we’ll need to know cheese.  And then there’s vegetable and fruit, plate, fork and knife, and the sign for cook

We can also learn our meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And then, if you’ve followed Signing Time for a while, you know about the Silly Pizza Song. Your kids will love the Silly Pizza Song where we add all kinds of silly toppings to our pizza with extra cheese. It’s such a fun and easy way to help your kids learn a bunch of food signs. And it will make a perfect addition as you have some fun with National Pizza Month. So head over to My Signing Time to watch the Silly Pizza Song. It’s in our Watch Free section, so you can watch it over and over for free!

My Signing Time is a fun and easy way for your kids to learn American Sign Language. And with a My Signing Time digital subscription, you can watch from any device. You can even try it out with a 14-day free trial

So after you finish with the Silly Pizza Song, check out the rest of our fun, educational programming at My Signing Time!

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