make some fun memories this fall

Make Some Fun Memories This Fall

The calendar changed again last week as this year charges on full speed ahead. Here we are in the month that officially begins the fall season. Do you celebrate the changing of seasons in your family? Are there any special fall traditions you enjoy? Do you always decorate for fall? When you think of all this, the beginning of fall is a wonderful time to learn together and to find things to enjoy with your family. Let’s make some fun memories this fall!

Memories and Traditions

I grew up in a place where the autumn leaves were just amazing. When I was little, my parents spent weekends in the fall driving to the mountains to see the leaves. I was very young, but I still remember those trips today. I can still see the views and the trails we walked clearly in my mind. These are special fall memories for me, and they have stayed with me all these years.

Do you have any fall traditions in your family? Whether you prefer a fun fall tradition or a new activity each year, a fun fall activity will be something you all can cherish as a special memory. So what kinds of things can you do to make some fun memories this fall? 

Simple fun

While we love to picture big, complex successes, many of us prefer to do something simple. So it’s good news that any of us can find ways to celebrate fall with simple, fun activities. Of course, you could trace and cut out colored leaves and use them to decorate your space. Or perhaps there’s a delicious fall food you could enjoy, like cider donuts or pumpkin anything or apple crisp. If you live where it’s really hot in the summer, this might be a good time for a fall picnic. In many places, there are pumpkin patches and apple orchards available in the fall. And lastly, you could be like my family and drive to a place with beautiful scenery. Simple fall activities are all around. See if you can choose one that works for your family to make some fun memories this fall.

Go all out

I have a friend who is traveling the country with her family in an RV this fall. Surely her kids will remember this trip forever. If you are able to take a trip, what a big way that is to make some memories this fall. Maybe you don’t live where the fall foliage is breathtaking. So look up the “peak weekends” for seeing the leaves in the iconic fall foliage regions, and see if you can get there for it. If you are able to have a fun fall adventure, go for it!

If you love to craft, consider working with your kids on some fun fall crafts to deliver to friends and neighbors. You could do the same with baking. There are lots of delicious fall treats we can share with each other. See if there is a way you can encourage other people while you make some fun memories this fall.

Have a big fall party! Set up some games in your yard or at a park, invite your friends and their kids, and have a special fall celebration together.

Read some fall books together

Head over to the library and look for some of these fall books to enjoy with your kids. If they find a favorite, you have an easy fall tradition to repeat next year! Even reading a favorite book can be a way to make a fall memory.

Here are some fall books for little ones:

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson

The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger

Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun by Bruce Goldstone

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro

The Autumn Visitors by Karel Hayes

The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown

Leaves by David Ezra Stein

Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelley

Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayer

Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber

Once you find some of these at your library, you are likely to find several more fall books to explore on the shelf around them. Find some autumn books to enjoy together this fall!

make some memories this fall

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